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Gilbert Clancy’s Favourite


Gilbert Clancy’s Favourite (Reel)


From the sleeve notes of “John Kelly Fiddle & Concertina Player” album, Topic Records, 1975, one of three tunes listed as “The Sister Reels“:

“These closely-related tunes came from Garrett Barry, a blind itinerant piper of Co. Clare. John learnt them from Willie Clancy, whose home was often visited by Garrett Barry when Willie was an impressionable (but already very musical) boy. Carney was a piper, Gilbert Clancy – Willie’s father – a flute player, and the arrangement for The Ravelled Hank of Yarn comes from Willie Clancy.”

Details: Gilbert Clancy (left) and his brother Jimmy taken in the U.S.A circa 1900.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Bríd O’Donoghue, Miltown Malbay. 


John Kelly playing The Sister Reels (Carney's / Gilbert Clancy's Favourite / The Ravelled Hank of Yarn) on the fiddle

Credit: “John Kelly Fiddle & Concertina” album, Topic Records, 1974. Link.


Notated from above audio recording.


Gilbert Clancy’s Favourite