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Tom Keane’s Reel 2


Tom Keane’s Reel 2


Tom Keane’s Reel 2


Tom Keane (1892 – 1973) was John’s uncle on his mother’s side and he was a concertina player.

From the sleeve notes on “John Kelly Fiddle & Concertina” album, Topic Records 1974: “The reel is as played by John’s uncle Tom Keane, on the concertina.”

Breandán Breathnach collected this tune from John and it is on “Ceol Rince na hÉireann Cuid 3“. Tune number 152, page 71 as “Ríl Thomáis Uí Chéin / Tom Keanes Reel.”

One of 2 tunes of this name that John played.

Credit: Personal collection of Michael Mulkerrins. Taken approx 1960’s.


John Kelly Senior playing John Kelly's Slide & Tom Keane's Reel

Credit: Youtube, Peter Corfield. Link.


Credit: Notated from the above recording.