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Mo Mhuirnín Bán


Mo Mhuirnín Bán (Air)


Details: John Kelly, Tommy Potts, and Willie Clancy. 

Credit: Courtesy of Mick O’Connor. 

At the end of the recording of this tune below, John Kelly Senior states that it is an air to a song which the last line is “once more o’er I go, slán beo, to mo mhuirnín bán.”

The song we believe to be “The Gander” which was a song sung by Willie Clancy, which is on his “Willie Clancy – The Minstrel from Clare” album from 1967.


John Kelly Senior playing Mo Mhuirnín Bán on the fiddle.

Audio Details: Recorded by John Kelly Junior on the 3rd of April 1976 in the 4 Seasons Pub in Dublin.

Credit: John Kelly Junior. 


Notated from above recording.


Mo Mhuirnín Bán