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The Heather Breeze


The Heather Breeze (Reel)


John may have gotten this tune from the fiddle player John Doherty (c 1895 – 1980) who was known to play it.

Details: Bundles of heather/furze on men’s backs. Location: Great Blacket Island, County Kerry. Date: c 1924.

Credit: The Photographic Collection, C015.18.00001 © National Folklore Collection, UCD. Link.


John Kelly Senior playing The Heather Breeze on the concertina

Details: Filmed in John Kelly Seniors home house in Rehy West, Kilbaha, County Clare. John Kelly playing The Heather Breeze.

Credit: ‘Donncha’s Travelling Roadshow’ Programme with Donncha Ó Dulaing for RTÉ, c  1979.


Notated from above recording.


The Heather Breeze