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Siney Crotty’s


Siney Crotty’s (Slide)


Siney Crotty (c 1921 – 1984) was a singer from Ross, Kilbaha in West Clare not far from where John was from. He lived and worked in London in the 1950’s as a carpenter and then moved to Dublin where him and John struck up a friendship. Siney was a highly respected singer and his style of traditional singing was highly praised and very close to the sean-nós style. Source.

Photo Details: Siney Crotty.

Credit: Photo courtesy of Oidhreacht an Chlár. From Dal gCais Vol. 3 1977. Link


John playing Siney Crotty's on the concertina

Details: John Kelly Senior playing Siney Crotty’s on the concertina. Place and date of recording unknown.

Credit: John Joe Healy Collection Tape 16. Pat Mackenzie and Jim Carroll.  Clare Library. Link.


Notated from above recording.


Siney Crotty’s